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Most companies that sell through a catalog or the Internet in the United States only deliver within the territory of their own country. IBA Express offers you a delivery address in the United States. By registering with IBA Express, the customer can buy throughout the entire U.S. territory and request to be delivered to our office. You choose to pick up your purchase when you are in Orlando, or request that IBA Express sends your purchases to Brazil (subjected to taxes).

Purchases, step by step:

  • The client gives IBA Express the specifications of the desired product.
  • We research the best price.
  • We present our proposal to the client.
  • With the approved proposal, IBA Express makes the purchase and ships the merchandise to Brazil by the client’s selected shipment method.
For purchases in the U.S. or another country, please fill out the inquiry form, stating the highest possible level of detail:
  • Merchandise: general description, product name, manufacturer’s code
  • Desired quantity and estimated price
  • Desired delivery date/delivery schedule
  • Specific requirements for storage and transportation
  • Customs documentation (if necessary)

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