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Moving containers


Applies to:
  • A Brazilian citizen returning to Brazil who has lived abroad for more than one year (regardless of immigration status).
  • Foreigners with a Brazilian green card.
Container size: 20’, 40 ou 40 HC
Estimated delivery time: depending on port of destination, 17-45 days.
IBA Express offers a list of brokers for our clients to choose from.
IBA Express provides all customer support, helping with the selection of documentation and answering any questions regarding this type of shipment.

Documents required:

  • Full copy of the passport (2 copies)
  • CPF and RG notarized copy (2 copies)
  • Copies of the latest 12 bills (either power, water or phone) or bank statement
  • Summary of goods with declared values, signed with a signature notarized by the consulate or public notary
  • Public or consulate Power of attorney (2 copies)
  • Proof of residency issued by the consulate proving more than 12 months residing in the U.S.
  • Full shipment statement (1 notarized copy)
  • Declaration of domicile abroad (1 notarized copy)

Consolidated moving

  • Consolidated moving/boxes through moving company.
  • Estimated delivery time is around 4 months to arrive at customer’s residence.
  • Door to door cubic meter through moving companies. Estimated delivery time is around 4 months.
  • Door to port cubic meter. The load is shipped to the port (only the ones available for this type of service qualify). The customer is responsible for clearing customs and transportation to his/her residence. Shipment available to selective ports.

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